Overview and Planning Documents

Consideration of the full spectrum of values of heritage resources and potential impacts is the essential ingredient in historic preservation planning. Whether you are planning a major project or are a resource manager who needs assistance in overseeing historic properties at a local or regional level, EthnoTech can provide the expertise necessary to prepare your overview and planning documents.

Ethnotech’s staff have prepared numerous planning documents including environmental impact statements, environmental assessments, interpretive plans, reservoir re-licensing plans, historic property management plans, archaeological overviews, and ethnographic overviews. We also specialize in conducting traditional cultural property and traditional use studies. Our team has experience in archival research, historical document studies, state historic preservation office site and inventory files research, and oral history interviews. Ethnotech has the background and experience to prepare overview and planning documents efficiently and effectively to address your planning needs.

 In CRM, experience makes all the difference.

We have over 50 years of combined experience. Our backgrounds enable us to bring various disciplines together to produce products and reports that transcend archaeology and enable project managers to make knowledgeable decisions.


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