Heritage Education

One primary goal of Ethnotech is to perpetuate cultural knowledge and appreciation for our shared heritage.  Our educational services are designed to assist the public and tribal communities to understand, appreciate, and value our cultural landscapes and rich history.

We have experience in designing culturally appropriate and relevant curricula along with the construction of authentic traditional tools and artifacts. We create traveling trunks with a range of traditional materials for museums and schools.  Our staff have developed presentations for interpretive programming and cultural sensitivity training, as well as hands on public education packages for educational institutions, government agencies and Tribes.

Ethnotech staff also has experience in the development of educational and interpretive videos and multimedia program for schools, museums and interpretive centers. We conduct all aspects of video and multimedia programming from planning, scriptwriting, storyboarding, videography, and editing to post production processing and archiving. We have experience in using the power of GIS and multimedia technology to develop interpretive displays, historic signs, interactive educational programs, and touch screen information kiosks.


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