Geographic Information Systems

Ethnotech has a combined experience exceeding 15 years in Geographic Information System (GIS) development and management.  We specialize in creating GIS projects and maps for cultural resource applications.  Our team has received training in Global Positioning System (GPS) and GIS applications from ESRI, NASA, and Montana State University. Ethnotech’s  analysts have been involved in training and applications of GIS in private industry, tribal government and academia.

We can assist in setting up in-house GIS systems, and are experienced in setting up relational geospatial databases, performing data layer acquisition, data layer creation, multimedia integration, digital elevation model acquisition, georeferencing image overlays, development training, and map production.

We can also perform landscape analyses such as slope, aspect, curvature, least-cost pathways, and viewshed modeling. In addition to initial GIS set-up and assistance, we are capable of collecting and processing information from GPS data collection in field studies, remote sensing and archival research that can be integrated into existing GIS.

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