GIS and Database Design

Ethnotech has a combined experience exceeding 15 years in Geographic Information System (GIS) development and management. Our team has received training in Global Positioning System and GIS applications from ESRI, NASA, and Montana State University.  We can assist in setting up an in-house GIS systems, from acquiring software and hardware, to development of staff training sessions and full program integration.Interactive cultural resource database management systems allow our clients easy access to their CRM data.


These systems create a digital filing and storage system of survey, site, and monitoring reports; correspondence; photographic documentation; artifacts; video and audio tapes; as well as other media for multiple sites. These records are organized, cataloged and combined with an interactive graphical interface so the user can access all cultural resource records by a menu driven selection system.


Data can be stored on a computer, an external hard drive, or on a floppy media that can be taken and retrieved in the field. Hard copies of all documents can be easily printed  and are all accessible at your desktop or on your laptop in the field without having to rifle through filing cabinets and search your office for misplaced CRM records.



GIS model



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