Artifact Reproduction

All of our ancestors lived as hunter gatherers for over ninety-nine percent of our human history. They developed an intimate knowledge of their local environment, the timing and locations of harvestable plants, and the migration patterns of big game herds.

In order to survive and prosper, indigenous people created sophisticated technologies that were intimately tied to their unique homeland environment. These traditional skills are still maintained by tribal people today, but they are rapidly being lost. Ethnotech is working to preserve this knowledge by researching and replicating the traditional tools of the native peoples of the American west.

Ethnotech works with indigenous artisans and tribal experts to create authentic artifact reproductions using traditional methods and materials. We provide artifact reproduction services to educational institutions, government agencies and Indian tribes.

Artifact Reproductions

  • Cedar Bark Baskets
  • Prehistoric Weapon Systems
  • Traditional Plant Harvesting Tools
  • Nets and Traps
  • Traditional Watercraft
  • Fire Making Kits
  • Fish Weir and Traps
  • Flintknapping Instuction
  • Groundstone Tool Technology
  • Bow and Arrow Systems
  • Brain Tanned Hides
  • Cordage
  • Chipped Stone Artifacts
  • Tule Mats
  • Snowshoes
  • Rawhide Containers
  • Bone Fleshers, Awls and Needles
  • Hafted Stone Axe and Hammers


Reproduction Packages

  • Traveling Educational Trunks
  • Thematic Museum Displays
  • Material Harvest Training
  • Raw Materials for Manufacturebow&arrowsbaskets&tools2  basketwithcordage

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